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This Site is the personal Home Page and Sandbox of Gabriel Vergara Ezcurdia divided on many Sections in Spanish / Finnish and English when avaliable you will see a link like this |Version en Español| if the document you are reading iss avaliable on other language.

The site contents and Intellectual rights

Are intelectual Property of the owner of this site Gabriel Vergara Ezcurdia or a external collaborator/contribution if mentioned on the top of the document.

You may use the content (unless mentioned or restricted explicitly by the document author) under the GPL license with the condition of refer to the source and linking to the original document url as link.


The owner of the site and its contents will be never responsible of damages or loss of data in any way by code or information posted on this site the use of any of the material instructions or software exposed inside this site.Shortly UAYOR Use at your own risk!!


The effort of posting information in this site is to help and be helped, to research and develop tools and articles for developers and myself Gabriel Vergara Ezcurdia


Information regarding 3rd parties will allways treated in a discreet way and respecting the others right of privacy unless the request. Any Name and contact information will never be sold or diclosed to anyone in any way!

If need to contact the owner of this site you may use the form provided under the link on the top menu of this site, Currently not avaliable.

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This page template and css styles are modified and based on cosmo template, based on Bootstrap. Hosted on GitHub. Icons from Font Awesome. Web fonts from Google.

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Gabriel Vergara Ezcurdia

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Solution Designer Architect


The Solution Designer Architect is responsible for the design, support, planning and direction within the IT organization managers for the implementation of projects.

During the Software development it's key asset to define and take desitions end to end the application structure and implementation and technologies involved.

Gabriel Vergara Ezcurdia


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